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Coronavirus Update

Graduate Writing Center coaches work with students remotely!

Download the GWC's COVID FAQFor coaching guidelines, check this page or contact your coach or For further information, see the announcement at the top of the WCOnline calendar page, available via the blue SIGN-UP button above.


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Coaching Hours: Spring 2014


Synchronous Coaching Appointment Hours (PST)

Asynchronous coaching also offered daily.




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1000–1200, 1300–1500




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First floor, Dudley Knox Library

To contact an individual GWC member, go to Contact Us (NPS login required).

OUR Mission


Our Mission

To develop the writing and critical thinking skills of NPS students for success in graduate school and as military and civilian leaders.

Welcome to the Graduate Writing Center

Welcome to the Graduate Writing Center

Being a good writer will empower you. In a world where security challenges require careful analysis, writing well takes on increasing importance. Becoming a strong writer requires practice, constructive feedback, and a solid understanding of writing techniques. Our coaches and instructors support you throughout this educational process, providing guidance as you develop course papers and thesis chapters.

Learn how to sign up for writing coaching and workshops, then view our WCOnline calendars to sign up.

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GWC Events

Introducing Write-ins: Where papers happen!

Write-ins are dedicated blocks of time each Friday 1000–1430 when you can concentrate, write, and make real progress on a paper or thesis. No appointment required—come for all or part of the time. Held via Zoom, with writing coaches and librarians on hand for questions. (In-person option cancelled temporarily for COVID safety.)

Thesis Writers United: Tuesday Happy Hour & Friday Coffee Hour

Writing a thesis? Don't struggle in isolation. Join fellow students Tuesdays 1600–1700 and Fridays 1000–1100 in a confidential space to swap solutions, share progress, and help each other cope. A writing coach and thesis processor will provide support and field questions. 


New Resources

Zotero Examples: Chicago Notes & Bibliography / Turabian

The NPS Citation Guide now includes Zotero examples for Chicago Notes & Bibliography / Turabian! To the left of each source type is a Zotero link that points to a template showing how to produce a properly formatted result. Proofreading remains essential, but with these examples, your citations and references will be well on their way!

"Interpreting iThenticate" Infographic

Have questions about interpreting iThenticate reports? Check out our new iThenticate infographic for some quick tips. For more in-depth answers on a range of attribution-related issues, see our iThenticate FAQ and Resources pages—and the coaches are always happy to help!


New Services

Asynchronous Coaching Daily

Whether you’re overseas or overloaded, now you can get writing help any time by signing up for our new service, asynchronous coaching. Submit a draft to the Writing Center for feedback on critical thinking and writing mechanics, then receive feedback by 1700 PDT the day of your appointment without a real-time coaching session. Learn more about async coaching.

Virtual Drop-in Coaching via Zoom

Have a quick question? A short paper that's due today? Drop in and talk to a coach on Zoom! Offered M–F, 1300–1400 PST. Check WCOnline or this page for details.


Video Highlights

"What's Different About Academic Writing?"

Don't miss this six-minute refresher on the fundamentals of academic writing.

"Plagiarism's Haunting Legacy"

Also check out "Plagiarism's Haunting Legacy" (5:27), a video produced by the Thesis Processing Office, to get an idea of how pervasive and harmful plagiarism is.

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