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Calls for papers invite writers to submit manuscripts on a particular theme, subject, or question, typically for the purpose of placing different perspectives in conversation with one another, harnessing the power of many minds to tackle an important issue.

Interested in writing for one of these calls? The GWC supports students' publication efforts through pre-submission review, available via a coaching appointment, as well as through our publication workshops—"Writing for Online Outlets" and "Writing for Academic Journals."

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"Essays should be based on thesis, research, or operational experience that best advances the military profession."

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"Address the strategic, operational, and tactical employment of 21st-century U.S. Navy mine warfare systems and technologies -- offensive and defensive mining, mine countermeasures, mine exploitation, and explosive ordinance disposal."

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"Look back instead of to the future, and ask: What happens to previously held assumptions in the wake of Russia's naked aggression? Which are challenged and which are validated?"

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"What can the U.S. Coast Guard do today to be more effective tomorrow?"

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"The CNO invites entrants to submit essays that apply lessons from throughout naval history to solving today's Navy challenges."

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"The intent of this year’s DePuy competition is to encourage close examination of the impact implementing FM 3-0 will have on the Army."

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