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Calls for papers invite writers to submit manuscripts on a particular theme, subject, or question, typically for the purpose of placing different perspectives in conversation with one another, harnessing the power of many minds to tackle an important issue.

Interested in writing for one of these calls? The GWC supports students' publication efforts through pre-submission review, available via a coaching appointment, as well as through our publication workshops—"Writing for Online Outlets" and "Writing for Academic Journals."

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"U.S. Navy leaders aspire to double down on technological change in the face of meager resources and institutional resistance. This year's Naval Intelligence Essay Contest challenges you to think about the roles of naval intelligence in this dynamic and uncertain future."

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"Bring new thinking about how the U.S. Marine Corps will tackle the security challenges of the coming decades. No issue is too big or too narrow—as long as it aims to make the Marine Corps stronger or more capable."

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