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Distance Learners

The GWC Welcomes DL Students!

Any student working remotely is a distance learner (DL), whether near the NPS campus or many miles away. The Graduate Writing Center (GWC) supports DL students throughout their academic programs via coaching, workshops, and online resources.

Writing Coaching for Distance Learners

GWC writing coaches work one-on-one with distance learners in all programs and locations, using the same coaching process offered to resident students. DL students work on their papers and theses with writing coaches via phone, Zoom, MS Teams, or email. To get started:

Workshops for Distance Learners 

The GWC and Dudley Knox Library (DKL) offer more than two dozen writing-, reading-, and research-themed workshops during the first four weeks of each quarter, offered via Zoom and open to distance learners.

Online Distance Learning Resources at NPS

The GWC, DKL, and Thesis Processing Office (TPO) have compiled the following resources to help distance learners sharpen their writing, critical thinking, and leadership skills:

Plagiarism Prevention

Workshop Videos

Self-Paced Learning Materials

  • In a hurry? Visit Quick Clips & Tips for a swift trip through some common writing issues.
  • Take advantage of self-paced learning materials on over 100 topics by visiting the GWC's Writing Resources pages.

Learning Tools

  • Visit the GWC's Learning Tools pages to begin shaping your environment for more effective and efficient learning.

Visit DKL and TPO to access many more critical resources!


Email writingcenter@nps.edu  with questions or for more information. For additional guidance, see NPS Online.