Research Refresher

Research Refresher

Most NPS students are expected to conduct research in the form of a thesis, dissertation, or capstone project. The goal of this research is to collect and analyze information in order to answer a question, support an argument, or test a hypothesis. Reaching this goal is a complex and multi-step process; there is no "right" or "only" way to proceed. However, there are methods, techniques, approaches, and skills that are more appropriate for certain projects and disciplines.

Your research will be less intimidating if you invest time and thought before you begin, and make research design choices that lead to more efficient work and meaningful findings.

Dudley Knox Library has a wide variety of facilities, services, and resources to support your study, learning, and research needs. A few of these are linked below. Explore the Library’s website for additional information.

Dudley Knox Library guides to finding information on research topics of interest to NPS students and faculty:

Various terms, concepts, and ideas are unique to the research process. Knowing this language makes it easier to read and interpret the scholarly work in your field that already exists. This knowledge also helps you design and execute your own research as well as present and discuss it.

Working in teams and groups in a university setting presents its own unique challenges. Set yourself up for success by asking key questions at the outset. Who will fulfill key team roles, and how will work be divided? How can differing opinions be approached in a productive way? How will you balance working independently with working collaboratively? The following resources will help your team work together effectively.