Instruction - Workshops

Spring AY2023 Live Workshops 

 Are you looking to polish your paraphrasing, augment your arguments, and strengthen your structure? Take a workshop!​​​​​​          

​​​​​​​​​1. Download the workshop schedule

Click here to view workshop descriptions, instructors, times, and locations. Choose from sessions offered throughout the first month of the quarter.


2. Register for your workshops

Simply click the purple pencil on the left, then use WCOnline's "Schedules" drop-down menu (in the menu bar at the top of the page) and select Workshops Sign-Up. Use the "next week" and "previous week" links (below the schedule name and date range) to move between weeks.

​​3. Locate your workshop

Workshops include on-campus, Zoom, and hybrid sessions. Check the schedule for your location:

  • Attend on-campus sessions in beautiful ME Auditorium or Dudley Knox Library (room number noted in the schedule) for a fully in-person experience.
  • Attend hybrid sessions in the library or via Zoom.
  • Find login info for hybrid and all-Zoom workshops on the Workshops Login page or in WCOnline.

Each workshop can accommodate approximately 12 to 25 participants. Students, faculty, and staff are welcome!