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How We Partner with Faculty

The GWC is a resource for faculty, providing student and classroom support for writing, research, and critical thinking skills. We help students raise their academic writing standards to meet the field-specific expectations of their professors and advisors. The GWC also provides tools and materials that faculty can use when teaching and providing feedback on student work. 

Below are some of the ways that the GWC can work with you and your students; we also welcome opportunities to collaborate on new and customized support and learning materials.

Student Referrals

Faculty can suggest or require that their students and advisees take one of our workshops, meet with a writing coach on a certain paper, or meet with a coach a certain number of times per term. To make a mandatory referral, contact the GWC.

In-class GWC Presentations & Workshops

Faculty can ask us to present an introduction to the GWC or one of our workshops in their class. In our introduction, we cover the purpose of the GWC, how to sign up with a writing coach, and the benefits of coaching in the writing process. We can also customize any of our writing workshops for your students. To request a workshop, contact the GWC.

Customized Support for Courses

The GWC works with faculty across the curriculum to create targeted writing and learning support that can be integrated with courses. We can help you build into your course design GWC presentations, materials, and/or one-to-one coach support. We have partnered with faculty to provide feedback on submitted assignments and help craft writing prompts.

Online Resources & Collaboration

As part of our support for courses, the GWC connects faculty to online writing resources that integrate with your syllabus and assignments. You can explore resources on your own or let us customize resources for your class. Our multimedia materials such as videos, infographics, and learning modules can enhance a lesson or be customized for subsets of students.

Generative AI Teaching & Learning

As use of generative AI tools becomes more pervasive, GWC can work with faculty to understand both the potential and limitations of generative AI to support academic writing. Coaches can help both faculty and students interpret the interim guidance issued by the NPS Office of the Provost and apply DKL's citation guidance

For assistance incorporating generative AI guidelines into your syllabi, or for help developing writing assignments that incorporate use of generative AI, contact the GWC. Also visit the Generative AI Hub for additional faculty resources.

Collaboration Between Writing Coaches & Advisors

Coaches value advisor input to align the support we provide with your expectations. Reach out directly to your student's coach to compare notes, or contact the GWC for help connecting. For more on advising, visit the GWC's Advisors and Advising page to explore tools and resources that advisors and students can use to optimize their work together.

Support for Distance Learners

Working with a writing coach can be a valuable lifeline for students completing coursework far from the campus community. All GWC services—including coaching, workshops, online resources, and custom support—are available to NPS distance learners. We've compiled resources on our distance learners page, an excellent starting point for your students.

We welcome the opportunity to customize materials, presentations, Q&A sessions, or coaching to integrate with your distance-learning course! Reach out to learn more.