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It was in Summer 1953 that the NPS Mathematics department took delivery for the new CRC-102A computer, one of the world's first educational computers.  Its components included 195 vacuum tubes, 2500 diodes, 40 amps and 110 v.  It ran a single-reel tape at a speed of 100 opc/sec and cost $58,000. 

The CRC-102A was intended to be used in nearly all phases of the physical sciences, including for weather simulation  and simulation of electronics systems, business, industrial, and military games. It was later known as the NCR 102A when its manufacturer, Computer Research Corporation was taken over by the National Cash Register Company. 

Read a presentation on the history of Computing at NPS in NPS Archive: Calhoun at https://calhoun.nps.edu/handle/10945/48960.

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Nested Applications

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