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Nested Applications
Nested Applications
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Did you know?

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Nested Applications

Our Affiliates


TLC:  Teaching and Learning Commons

Mission: Empowering cross-organizational teams as a community of practice to enhance the quality of NPS education through collaborations that create and support innovative and distinctive learning experiences.

email: TLC@nps.edu


TPO: Thesis Processing Office

Thesis Processing reviews and collects all NPS theses, dissertations, capstone reports, MBA reports, and joint applied projects. We help our students meet the NPS format and citation requirements and ensure the paper is of graduate-level quality.

email: thesisprocessingoffice@nps.edu


GWC: Graduate Writing Center

Mission: To develop the writing and critical thinking skills of NPS students for success in graduate school and as military and civilian leaders.

email: writingcenter@nps.edu