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Welcome, NPS to AY 2023 Winter Quarter from the Dudley Knox Library!
Greetings from this side of the holiday break.  What's new with us?  Glad you asked.  A brand-new year calls for new spaces and study places in the library.

You'll find...new study nooks, such as a pleasingly "traditional" reading area on the 2nd floor nestled among the glass-fronted bookcases of our Rare Books collection, and featuring comfortable seating and reading-lamp lighting. 

There's a new seating area as well as a touchscreen monitor in the "Mediascape" area adjacent to the Tech Demo room, and the first-floor “bullpen” group study area at the back of the library has a different look.  We've placed a "folding wall" in another study area to help disperse extraneous sound from traveling to the quiet study area above.

Ever checked out our exhibits? We've moved some: the Flight exhibit is now located in the area the top of the stairs and "Barbie Joins Up!" is now facing the corridor windows on the way to the second floor group study area.  You'll see other  pleasing changes as you explore the library this quarter.

It's all a work in progress -- we're still adding art to the walls and making lots of little changes meant to offer a more engaging study environment for our NPS community.  Come on by!

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