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We're offering extended hours Mar 11-23 in support of upcoming final exams. 

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Develop your research skills and learn how to use the library search, library databases, research guides, Google Scholar, and more!

The Graduate Writing Center and the library are offering a Zoom introduction to the library Tuesday, March 28 at 1200. You must register here for this event. Click here for Zoom login information after you've registered. See all available workshops.

Is it time to begin your thesis? Not sure how to start? This workshop will cover academic research and writing in general, as well as the specifics of the NPS thesis process. Learn how to navigate the process and launch your thesis with confidence.

This workshop is offered Wednesday, March 29 at 1200. You must register here for this event. Click here for Zoom login information after you've registered. See all available workshops.

You take notes and learn the subject matter, so why is it so difficult to communicate your knowledge during tests? And where does all the time go? A few key strategies can make all the difference. This workshop will provide you with techniques and step-by-step methods for studying effectively, taking useful notes, preparing for exams, and performing better during tests.

This workshop is being offered on campus only, Wednesday March 29 at 1300. You must register here for this event. See all available workshops.

The name of NPS Archive: Calhoun honors Naval Postgraduate School Professor Guy K. Calhoun (1889-1920), professor of Mathematics, and the first appointed -- and published -- NPS scholarly author. 

This earliest known appointment for a Naval Postgraduate School professor occurred on May 6, 1910 when the 61st Congress approved Ensign Guy K. Calhoun as “professor of mathematics in the navy.” 

Following his 1908 graduation from the Naval Academy, Prof. Calhoun made extensive computations to develop a set of mathematics tables that proved to be highly useful to navigators. 

His work, Products of Arcs and Sines of 15-Degree Rhumbs was published by the Government Printing Office in 1910.  It remains in print to the present day. (Read it at OpenLibrary.) 

Prof. Calhoun’s Congressional appointment, discovered by NPS Mathematics Faculty member Carlos Borges, sheds new light on the process of faculty hiring at Annapolis. (At the time of his appointment, NPS was called the School of Marine Engineering and was co-located with the Naval Academy at Annapolis.)


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