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Nested Applications
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The Library has been experiencing an extremely high volume of the temporary loss of access to many of our vendor/publisher sites. This normally happens when they think they are being illegally harvested by an automated tool. In this case, this appears to be happening now due to a recent change in a citation management tool, the Zotero connector, available in various web browsers [e.g. Chrome, Edge and Firefox]. With this in mind, we are asking everyone who uses Zotero to go in and turn off the Zotero Proxy Redirection option in ALL of your browser connectors on ALL of your devices. The directions are below.  In addition, you should also clear your web browser history.

Please NOTE: You will still be able to use the connectors to bring information into your Zotero account, but it will just stop the automatic proxy redirection option that is causing this problem. 

How to Turn off Zotero Proxy Redirection 

  • If you see a  yellow Zotero banner at the top of your browser, click on Proxy Settings and uncheck the box labeled Enable proxy redirection.
  • You can also right click on the Zotero Connector icon and choose Options/Preferences, then Proxies, then uncheck the box labeled "Enable proxy redirection."

Zotero Research Guide

If you have trouble or need assistance please contact either Glen Koue (gkoue@nps.edu) or Greta Marlatt (gmarlatt@nps.edu). 

We are working to resolve the problem which seems to have affected other academic libraries as well.  Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

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Mission: Empowering cross-organizational teams as a community of practice to enhance the quality of NPS education through collaborations that create and support innovative and distinctive learning experiences.

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Thesis Processing reviews and collects all NPS theses, dissertations, capstone reports, MBA reports, and joint applied projects. We help our students meet the NPS format and citation requirements and ensure the paper is of graduate-level quality.

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