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Restricted Resources - Intro

Restricted Resources

Restricted Resources is the official archive for restricted NPS Theses, Dissertations, Capstone Project Reports, and other documents.

Restricted Resources - Mission, Access & Hours


Our mission is to support the NPS community by providing:

  • Access to restricted NPS documents up through secret level
  • Consultation and support for restricted theses and projects
  • SIPRNet/Classified Data Processing point of access
  • Secure meeting facility with multimedia display
  • Storage lockers for limited distribution and classified documents


Access & Hours

Generally staffed Monday - Friday 0730 - 1500
By appointment: 831.656.2061 or


Restricted Resources - Services

What we offer

  • Search the Restricted Collection for restricted NPS theses, dissertations, and reports from various other agencies.

Help with Restricted Theses & Projects

  • Using proper markings for restricted NPS documents
  • Upgrading/downgrading NPS documents
  • Looking for documents or theses
  • NPS document lifecycle
  • Database and data categorization projects
  • Projects where organization and categorization of restricted and classified information is important
Reserved for U.S. nationals working on restricted projects.
  • Classified network point of access for properly credentialed members of the NPS community
  • Word processing, spreadsheet and Matlab capabilities
  • Photocopier for classified and unclassified copying
  • SIPRNet/Classified Data Processing point of access.
Reserved for U.S. nationals working on restricted projects.
  • Fits up to 8
  • Secure meeting facility
  • Wall-mounted plasma display system
  • White board

Accessible to the following groups of properly cleared personnel:

  • NPS faculty and staff
  • NPS students
  • Visiting groups to NPS for official business
  • Large, spacious lockers for limited distribution and classified documents.
  • Locks provided.
  • Long or short term usage.
Restricted Collection Link

NPS Restricted Collection

Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) 2001-present

Who can access?

To request an account, you must be both of these:

  • Current NPS member
  • Federal employee/contractor or U.S. military
Access available to U.S. citizens only

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Restricted Resources
(831) 656-2061
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