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 Tech support help is available in the Dudley Knox Library


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Library tech help available in-house

We offer a number of tech help services, including:

  • Help installing printers and other printing issues
  • Help connecting to wifi
  • Help with passwords
  • Help with software issues (here's our list of available software)
  • Help with remote access/VPN
  • Help with study room tech
  • Help with peripherals: mice, keyboards, scanners, CAC cards, etc.
  • Repairing broken links to Library resources

Please also see our FAQs below.

Are there services you'd like to see us offer that we currently don't?

For all other tech support, please visit the TAC web site or call x1046.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

See our printers page here. This page has links to further help available on our wiki.

For help with passwords, see this page.

For help with wifi (NPS account and Guest user)

See this page for help with remote access and VPN.

If you find broken links on our site, please use the Contact form on this page and let us know the URL that isn't working. 

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Further help available from the TAC and others.

Tech help TAC and others

Get help with Zoom. The Teaching and Learning Commons also has several resources. Download Teams here and see this page for help.

Your computer must meet security requirements to connect to the NPS network. Once you've done the steps below, you will be able to connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Services accessible through VPN include:

NPS Password Reset:

To access files on H Drive: Connect to Cloudlab or VPN and map your H drive (Map Drive on Mac, Map Drive on Windows).

To access files on SharePoint/OneDrive: Visit Sharepoint or OneDrive without VPN directly at

Tech page help hours

We're available to help...

Mon-Fri 0800-1600. Please use the form below and we'll contact you as soon as possible. If it's after hours, we'll contact you the following working day. You may also find a solution on the TAC's Help page.


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