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Computers & Software

Need to work at the library? We have various workstations available, for individual or group work. Find out where you could be working today.

Nested Applications
Workstations & Software

Computer Workstations

  • 31 NPS-Login Workstations:
    • Computers with NPS login required
    • Privacy cubicles
    • Print to any of our printers with your own passcode
  • 8 Public Access Workstations
    • Computers with no NPS login required
    • Print to Library Printer 2 with a preset passcode (instructions next to each computer)
  • 1 Scanning Station:
    • Computer with the option to login with NPS credentials.
    • Scan to pdf, scan to print
  • 2 Microformat Readers
    • Microfilm/Microfiche
    • Scan to pdf or print

More Workstations & Spaces

  • Rooms & Study Spaces
    Tech and standard group study rooms, open collaborative workstations, individual quiet spaces and more.
Workstations & software - Programs

What programs are installed on library computers?

All our computers run Windows 11. Expand the list below to see what programs are installed on our NPS-login workstations and our Public Access workstations.

Workstation Software List
Application Installed NPS Login Public Access
7-zip Yes Yes
Adobe Acrobat Professional 2017 Yes Yes
Adobe Digital Editions Yes Yes
  Chrome Yes Yes
  Microsoft Edge Yes Yes
GlobalProtect VPN Yes No
Matlab Yes No
Microsoft 365 Office Yes Yes
  Access Yes Yes
  Edge Yes Yes
  Excel Yes Yes
Yes Yes
  OneNote Yes Yes
  Outlook Yes Yes (not configured)
  PowerPoint Yes Yes
  Publisher Yes Yes
Yes Yes
  Teams Yes Yes
  Word Yes Yes
Microsoft Project 2019 Yes No
Microsoft Visio 2019 Yes No
Notepad ++ Yes No
OneDrive Sync Yes No
Printers 1-7 Yes Yes
Skype + for business Yes No
VLC Media Player Yes No
Zoom for GOV Yes No
Library Equipment maintenance
Workstation configuration & maintenance
  • Our hardware and software applications are installed, configured, and maintained by our systems staff.
Workstations & Software - contacts & links