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Visit Us

We welcome visitors, researchers, and members of the local community. Please note gate access requirements.

Gate Access Requirements

Gate Access Requirements

  • Active Duty and Retired military personnel and DOD personnel may enter the NPS campus and the library with their official ID.
  • Public and non NPS-affiliated visitors must contact us well in advance of the intended visit, complete paperwork, and consent to a background check. (Note: Social Security and date of birth are required for this check). Upon approval of the background check, you will be granted entry to NPS and the library.
  • Contact one of the following library staff:
  • Greta Marlatt, Outreach & Academic Support Manager
    (831) 656-3500 /
  • Tom Rosko, University Librarian
    (831) 656-2343 /


Lead time needed in advance of your desired visit:

  • U.S. citizens - 2 weeks
  • Non-U.S. citizens - 4 weeks
Visit Us

Our location

411 Dyer Road
Monterey, CA 93943

We're building #339 on the NPS Campus Map



Sloat Ave. Open 24/7

Del Monte Ave. Open 0700-0830 / 1600-1730 Mon-Thu. 0700- 0830 Fri

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Contact Us

Information Desk
(831) 656-2947
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