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For Faculty & Researchers


We're here to support your research, teaching, and scholarship. Library Liaisons offer course-integrated workshops and supporting materials, provide research advice and consultation, help with tenure-related metrics, and select and evaluate materials for the library's collections.

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Suggest a book, journal or other materials to support your classroom teaching, research, studies, or other NPS mission-related task.

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For Faculty - Scholarship


Share and electronically archive your publications 


Find NPS faculty publications


Increase the visibility and demonstrate the impact of your scholarly work using free web tools


See who's cited you, find your h-index, and evaluate the impact of journals you have published in



We offer course-integrated workshops that focus on the specific skills needed for class assignments. Contact your library liaison to schedule a session for your class.

Place readings on reserve for student use

Learn about copyright and fair use

Help your students avoid plagiarism

Put the library at your students' fingertips

Help your students learn research methods

  • Sage Research Methods Online
    Comprehensive information on conducting social science research from start to finish: writing a research question, conducting a literature review, choosing a research method, collecting & analyzing data, and writing up your findings. Includes Datasets to support teaching analytical methods and Cases highlighting project design and methods application. Learn more about using Sage Research Methods in your courses.
For Faculty & Researchers - Research


Find articles, reports, news, primary sources, and more

Learn how to create a data management plan

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