With this exhibit we honor and celebrate our amazing NPS students, who do a lot... really, a LOT of things... besides study.


Some things never change...

Student, 1968

Some things really change.

Lt. Monica Killoran explores the implications of sea-level rise on Naval Base San Diego through an analysis of tidal fluctuation.

“Spending 18 months in a culture that lives and breathes systems engineering tends to shape individual perspective on the acquisition process.”

Which word has never figured in an NPS thesis title?


Look for the card with the answer on this page.

Students ran a theater group

“This is special because nothing has been done like this before. Having a free environment using a toss maneuver to move could allow drones to reach spaces that they have never been to before."

Students train robots

“The experiment explored ways to develop trust in robotic teammates in a more efficient manner by using virtual environments instead of having Marines spend hours training with the robot itself.” (thesis)

Students play golf, 1965

Sound familiar?

“I believe the hands-on, comprehensive, project-oriented education we are receiving in the Space Systems curriculum at NPS is one of the most top-notch space educations out there. The support I've received from my thesis advisors, as well as instruction and interaction with experienced professors — it's truly special and will set me up for my next tour, as well as the future career in the space field.”

NPS student (right) presents thesis research at Michigan State U. in 1966. What were they presenting? It's in Calhoun.

Outstanding Thesis Collection

Yours might be here soon!

Students ran a monthly magazine for over 40 years

“If I create a mobile system that runs on renewable sources, I can drop this thing anywhere in the world and start producing hydrogen gas.” 
“I will be able to apply what I’ve learned with social media, data analytics and social network analysis... really everything from my research. I’ll be able to look at my research methodology and apply that to problem sets in the future and, of course, enable my soldiers and my teams to do the same thing.”

What? SEALS gone what?

A very popular thesis.

Students honor their puppers!

“I came up with a patentable idea that provides industrial reinforcement of the hook and loop on the [uniform] patches to protect it and keep it looking professional.”

Trident Room Podcast

"Brewer of Stout Conversation, Unfiltered and On Tap."

Which is the most-downloaded thesis?

Hint: it contains the word "inventory"


Who knew?

NPS Students have families

(sometimes big ones)


Books by NPS graduates

McRaven, William H. 2017. Make Your Bed : Little Things That Can Change Your Life...and Maybe the World.  First edition. New York: Grand Central Publishing.

Howk, Jason Criss. 2017. The Qur’an : a Chronological Modern English Interpretation.  Louisville, Kentucky: Old Stone Press.

Alperen, Martin J. 2017. Foundations of Homeland Security: Law and Policy. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated.

Deardorff, R. Brad. 2013. The Roots of Our Children’s War : Identity and the War on Terrorism.  Williams, CA: Agile Press, an imprint of Agile Research and Technology, Inc.

Dulo, Donna A. 2015. Unmanned Aircraft in the National Airspace : Critical Issues, Technology, and the Law.  Chicago, Illinois: American Bar Association, Section of Science & Technology Law.


Other interesting resources

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