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Calhoun: The NPS Archive

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Calhoun is the Naval Postgraduate School's digital repository for research materials and institutional publications created by the NPS community. 

Calhoun is built for the purpose of making NPS-created scholarly content visible, searchable and freely available to the public.  Contact us to get your NPS work into Calhoun.

Calhoun - Three Reasons

Why should your NPS research work be in Calhoun? Three reasons.

  1. Your research is given broad exposure. Calhoun promotes visibility for your work. Content in Calhoun is indexed by Google Scholar and harvested by other repositories around the world.
  2. Your research is published under a stable link, now and in the future. Calhoun uses persistent "Handle" URLs, so links don't break.
  3. Your research is archived in one place, providing documentation you can use. It's easy to point to what you've worked on, advised, and published.

One more reason . . . . The library does all the work! We can do everything from locating to digitizing to cataloging your NPS work for preservation and visibility. Contact us to get your NPS work into Calhoun.

Learn More About Calhoun - FAQs


How can I get my NPS work into Calhoun?

Contact us at the Dudley Knox Library to have your work added to Calhoun.  We work fast, and can usually get permanent links to your work on the same day we hear from you. 

I found an NPS Thesis for sale online.  Is this legal?

It depends. If you are a US government employee, yes, entities such as vendors using or other platforms may reformat it and sell it -- as long as they credit you as the author. 

If you are a non-US federal government employee, probably NO, but IT DEPENDS on your contractual agreement with your employer/agency.  Check with your legal counsel and they can issue a cease-and-desist if it is not appropriate.  Read more about copyright as it applies to NPS students.

Can I get a list of all public release NPS thesis authors, titles, dates, abstracts, etc.?

Each quarter, we publish the metadata used by Calhoun for NPS theses, quarterly, in spreadsheet format.

Each set includes author names, titles, advisor names, departments, abstracts, service affiliations, degree names, and more.

Note: register for an account with Calhoun to download records from individual items, whole collections or search results.




I found an error. How can I report it?

We appreciate knowing about corrections. Please contact us or Ask a Librarian to report an error or problem.

Can I export a custom list of search results?

You must be registered for an account with Calhoun to export metadata from a collection or from a set of search results.  To register for an account with Calhoun, look on the left for My Account > Register.   It is not possible to download a selection of  assorted records for export, currently.

How do I find lists of Thesis Abstracts?

Compilations of Thesis Abstracts from 2005 on are available in Calhoun. These compilations may list theses that ultimately were marked for limited distribution or received a classified status. Those documents are not llsted in the library catalog nor are they included in Calhoun.

How do I find a list of theses I advised?

Try this search in Calhoun:


Use double quotes around your own last name. Add your first name after your last name, within the double quotes, for more precision. 

Note that Calhoun items are cataloged "from the document", meaning name variations are preserved just as they appeared on the original document.

You can sort the results list by date using the gear icon.  The long url that results can be used as a link on any web page and will always show updated results when new items are added.  

Why is it called "Calhoun"?

Photo of Ensign Guy K. Calhoun


The name of the NPS Digital Archive honors Professor Guy K. Calhoun (1889-1920), professor of Mathematics and the first appointed -- and published -- NPS scholarly author.

This earliest known appointment for a Naval Postgraduate School professor occurred on May 6, 1910 when the 61st Congress approved Ensign Guy K. Calhoun as “professor of mathematics in the navy.” [1]

Following his 1908 graduation from the Naval Academy, Calhoun made extensive computations to develop a set of mathemathics tables that proved to be highly useful to navigators. His work, Products of Arcs and Sines of 15-Degree Rhumbs was published by the Government Printing Office in 1910.  It remains in print to the present day.

Calhoun’s Congressional appointment – discovered by NPS Mathematics Department Chairman Carlos Borges – sheds new light on the process of faculty hiring at Annapolis. (At the time of his appointment, NPS was called the School of Marine Engineering and was co-located with the Naval Academy at Annapolis.)

We are proud to initiate NPS’s digital archive in the name of Professor Guy K. Calhoun. Calhoun Digital Archive serves as a permanent and secure online home for work produced by NPS faculty, scholarly work and other NPS-authored documents.

1. U.S. House. Committee on Naval Affairs. Additional professor of mathematics in the Navy. (H. Rpt .830; Serial Set 5597). March 25, 1910. Text in: ProQuest Congressional Serial Set Digital Collection; Accessed: December 22, 2014.  

Can't find a thesis or dissertation?

Remember, Calhoun contains items for public access only.  Registered users can check the Restricted Collection for restricte items newer than 2001. Registration is available only to U.S. military, U.S. government employees and contractors who are members of the NPS community. (Learn more about Restricted Resources, and how to find items previous to 2001.   Still not sure why you can't find an NPS thesis?  Ask a Librarian or Contact us.

Most Popular Items statistics

Calhoun offers statistics about downloads and views for each item in the repository. Scroll down to "Show Statistical Information".  To see Calhoun's "Most Popular" and "Statistics by Country" features, look on the left on any collection page, and adjust the drop-down menus for the information you need.

NOTE: statistics in Calhoun reflect figures "since we started counting", in August 2014, when the repository software was upgraded. (Calhoun opened for use in April 2012.)

We welcome data in the Calhoun repository, and can add it to the same record that presents your published work. Explore our datasets collection.

We are aware that scholars may publish their data in various places, as desired, and Calhoun is one possibility, especially for data related to published works in Calhoun.  We can publish your data ahead of publication, "in place" (if you would like a link to include in a work going to press); in the same record as the published work, or in a separate record apart from the work itself.  We are glad to work with you.

Find out more about the Data Management Plan process for NPS authors:

Learn More About Calhoun - Policies


What kind of documents are collected in the Institutional Archive?

Repository type

1. Calhoun is an Institutional Archive (or Repository) for the Naval Postgraduate School.  It is based on DSpace open source software, and is for the purpose of making NPS-created scholarly content visible, searchable and freely available to the public.

Collection policy

2. Some examples of items the NPS Institutional Archive may collect:

  • Bibliographies by NPS Librarians
  • Biographies of NPS faculty
  • Course syllabi, classroom lectures, presentations and support materials for teaching at NPS
  • Datasets related to NPS Research
  • Faculty Governance documents
  • Historical articles, publications and documents related to the establishment of NPS
  • Institutional Publications such as Annual Reports, Fact Book publications and promotional magazines
  • Journal articles by NPS Faculty and Researchers
  • Journal articles that resulted from NPS-funded projects
  • Masters Theses and Doctoral Dissertations and other degree-earning works
  • Multimedia and audio-visual materials, including images, sound files and videos
  • NPS Course Catalogs
  • NPS Technical Reports/NPS Reports
  • Research materials including records of exhibitions, conferences and workshops
  • Presentations and slidesets by NPS Faculty and Researchers
  • Unpublished reports and working papers

3. The Institutional Archive does not contain:

  • Institutional records
  • Items not cleared for unlimited distribution
  • Items not intended for public distribution
  • Items without a direct connection to NPS, except those items selected for inclusion in the collection, "Others Look at NPS"

4.  NPS Institutional Archive Content is added by:

  • The Institutional Archive manager
  • Dudley Knox Library staff from Metadata Services
  • Other trusted agents selected from Dudley Knox Library staff and other NPS contributors

5. Principal Language:

  • English

Metadata Policy

For information describing items in the Institutional Archive

Access to metadata

1. Anyone may access the metadata free of charge

2. Metadata for documents in Calhoun is described in the Calhoun Application Profile

Re-use of metadata

2. The metadata may be re-used in any medium without prior permission.

Preservation Policy

For matters pertaining to addition, retention and preservation of items in the Institutional Archive

Retention policy

1. No retention period has been defined. It is the intention to retain all relevant items unless functional preservation becomes impracticable.

Functional preservation

2. The repository will try to ensure continued readability and accessibility.

File preservation

3. Calhoun content is backed up regularly according to current best practices.

Submission Policy

Concerning submission of items to the Institutional Archive, and for quality control of those items.

Documents and other items archived in the Calhoun Institutional Archive are placed in compliance with U.S. Copyright Law.   Because Calhoun is primarily an archive of NPS-created scholarly content, this means that for much of its content, such as  NPS Theses and NPS Reports, copyright protection is not available, since materials created by U.S. Federal Employees as part of their work are in the “public domain”.  

Eligible depositors

1.  Repository Content is added by:

  • The Institutional Archive manager
  • Dudley Knox Library staff from Metadata Services
  • Other trusted agents


2. The Calhoun administrators will vet items for valid metadata format and, where necessary, to enhance or correct metadata records.

Content Quality Control

3. The validity and authenticity of the content of submissions is not vetted or validated.


4. Items can be deposited at any time, but if an embargo is requested, will not be made publicly visible until the embargo period has expired.

Version control

5. Errata lists may be included with the original record if required.

6. If necessary, an updated version may be deposited. If this occurs, there will be links between earlier and later versions, with the most recent version clearly identified.  The reason for reissue will be marked clearly on the document's first page.

7. Items are allocated a checksum to facilitate the detection of alterations. 

Filetype Policy

For acceptable filetypes for inclusion in the Institutional Archive.

Calhoun can accept many filetypes for inclusion.  

Partial List of Acceptable Filetypes supported by DSpace

1. Adobe PDF; Comma separated values (csv); Image files such as WAV, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF; HTML; Microsoft Excel,  Powerpoint, Word; Quicktime; Sound files such as MPEG Audio; video files such as MPEG Video, ZIP.

Comprehensive List of Acceptable Filetypes supported by DSpace

2. DSpace filetypes list, by MIME type, documented by the DSpace community. (The actual list is much longer.  See the list of filetypes now in Calhoun.)

Copyright Policy

For copyright protection of items archived in Calhoun

Calhoun includes materials that are copyrighted as well as materials that are not subject to copyright in the US.


Documents and other items archived in the Calhoun Institutional Archive are placed in compliance with U.S. Copyright Law.   Because Calhoun is primarily an archive of NPS-created scholarly content, this means that for much of its content, such as NPS Theses and NPS Reports, copyright protection is not available in the United States, since materials created by U.S. Federal Employees as part of their official duties are in the “public domain”.  

For more information about Copyright and issues affecting the U.S. Government, see the CENDI workgroup's "Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright".  For futher information, including consideration of issues surrounding computer software, see CENDI's "Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright and Computer Software".

Withdrawal / Takedown Policy


For matters pertaining to the subtraction of items in the Library's publicly accessible collections.

This policy addresses the potential removal of materials from any of the Dudley Knox Library’s publicly accessible collections. 

Under certain circumstances, public access to materials may be terminated. Reasons for doing so include but are not limited to:

  • Distribution is a clear violation of U.S. law (e.g., copyright law)
  • Continued public distribution would constitute harm to national security
  • Document contains information that has been deemed classified
  • Document is barred, or contains information that is barred, from public distribution by the Naval Postgraduate School, the Department of Defense or another Government organization
  • Document is published by the Naval Postgraduate School and does not meet the School’s guidelines for plagiarism, research methodology or integrity of research
  • Document contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or other Privacy Act data, as determined by the NPS Director of Cybersecurity and Privacy/DON-CIO Privacy Team
  • Document no longer supports the research or educational mission of the Naval Postgraduate School
  • Document is an exact duplicate of another item already in Calhoun

Materials falling into any of these categories may be brought to our attention to be considered for removal from public access. <a href="mailto:">Contact us</a>.

Additional note about  the subtraction of items in the Institutional Archive:

In order to preserve the historical record for items in Calhoun, the NPS Institutional Archive, withdrawals will be noted in the publicly viewable record. The content of this note reads this way:

You have reached the record for an item that has been removed.
This item was removed from view at the discretion of the Naval Postgraduate School.

Because any item in Calhoun that has existed at some time may have been cited, this "tombstone" record will stand for the removed item. 

Calhoun Disclaimer
Content in Calhoun is made available for the purpose of peer review and discussion and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense. Calhoun includes materials that are copyrighted as well as materials that are not subject to copyright in the US. 
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A Long Tradition of NPS Research

Presenting a 1966 NPS thesis project at Michigan State University, then-new faculty member Dr. Rudolph Panholzer and a graduate student bring NPS research to a wider audience.

Want to see what they were presenting?

What can I find in Calhoun?
NPS Archive: Calhoun - Contacts & Links

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