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Course Reserves Policies

Course Reserves

Instructors who are currently teaching courses may place items on reserve each quarter. Items are kept at the Information Desk for short-term (2 hour), in-house check out.

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Course reserves - For instructors

Instructors: Place an item on Reserve

How it works:

We automatically check the textbook lists in Python prior to each quarter for course titles to put on Reserve.

  • If we own the appropriate year/edition, we automatically pull our copies and put them on Reserve.
  • If we don't own the correct one we will attend attempt to purchase them, but there is no guarantee we will get them in time for the beginning of the quarter.
    You can Suggest a Purchase.
  • If you have copies that you are willing to lend us, we will be happy to put them on Reserve for your students.

We may have some electronic copies so be sure to check the Library Search. You can provide your students with the permalink so that they are prompted for their NPS credentials for access.

To place an item on Reserve, contact us:

You can place instructor-owned materials on reserve

  • Place unbound items (articles, book chapters, etc.) in a folder.
  • Change the margin settings on your copier to minimize the black in margin areas where there is no text.
  • Divide large amounts of material into separate folders instead of placing all the materials into one folder.
  • Please read the Copyright Notice
Looking for Course Reserves?

Students: Find an item on Reserve

Although we do not usually purchase textbooks for courses, If we already have items that Instructors will use in their courses, we will place them on Course Reserve.

  1. In the Library Search, look for the COURSE icon.
    Course Reserves and will say: "Available at RESERVES - INFORMATION DESK"
  2. Ask for the item at the Information Desk
  3. You may check it out for on-site use for 2 hours


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Course reserves - contacts & links

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