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Read about Library services, status, and FAQs during closure.

Using Library Services COVID

updated August 3, 2020

Expansion to Library Services—Check Out Materials and Printing

Due to the need to continue to shelter in place and function in a remote digital environment, the library will remain closed until further notice. We are continuing with our service of scanning parts/chapters from our books. However, while balancing the need to keep our users and staff safe and the growing need for the ability to check out print materials and access printing capabilities, the library is pleased to announce an expansion to our current services. Beginning Monday, 11 May, we will be able to extend the services listed below.

To use these services, requests must be submitted 48 hours in advance (not including weekends) and they will be available for pickup in the library’s lobby M–F between 0900–1600. The lobby will be open with guidelines for observing social distancing and a one-way flow of traffic.

Ability to check out library materials

  • Use the “Request Article or Book” (aka ILL) process to request the items, whether we own them or not
  • Requests must be submitted 48 hrs. in advance (not including weekends)
  • We will notify you when items are ready for pickup
  • Items will be available for pickup in the library lobby between 0900–1600, M–F
  • Items can be returned by placing them in the box drop bins located outside the library
  • Note: Course materials cannot be checked-out but parts/chapters can be scanned using the same request method identifying the chapters needed

Ability to submit items to be printed

  • Email files to circdesk@nps.edu, using subject “Printing”
  • Limit of four attachments per request
  • Requests must be submitted 48 hrs. in advance (not including weekends)
  • No PII please
  • We will notify you when items are ready for pickup
  • Items will be available for pickup in the library lobby between 0900–1600, M–F

As the quarter progresses and conditions shift, we will continue to reassess the services we are able to offer the NPS community.

As a reminder, many of the services offered by the Dudley Knox Library, the Graduate Writing Center, and the Thesis Processing Office continue to be accessible in the on-line environment. For further information, please see:


updated March 26, 2020

Library Hours 

The Library is now closed in response to the Monterey County “shelter in place” order.  We will monitor the developing situation but we do not anticipate re-opening until the county order is lifted or changed. 

We understand this is a challenging time for everyone and we will work to provide as much support as possible given the many constraints around us.  We will constantly evaluate our ability to add more support as the situation and circumstances allow.

While our building is closed, we will still be providing virtual support for basic library services, Graduate Writing Center coaches and thesis processing.

We remain available to assist you in a number of ways. See links or contact information below.

Research Assistance

Print Materials

  • Borrowing – this is unavailable at this time. However, we will do our best to scan pages from print books we own.  Please use the “Request Article or Book” option to make your requests
  • Return of borrowed materials – all due dates will automatically be renewed. However, you can mail them back or return them through the book drop if you don’t want to keep them.

Interlibrary Loan

  • Print books or other physical item requests – this service is unavailable at this time
  • Journal articles – many libraries are also closed but we will attempt to fill your requests by asking for digital copies


GWC: Graduate Writing Center services
TPO: Thesis Processing Office services
TLC: Teaching and Learning Commons


updated April 7, 2020


Q1: Is the Dudley Knox Library (DKL) open?

A1: The library is physically closed to users. While the library is not open for 'in person' use, our online research materials and guides are available from our site.

Q2: Is research assistance available?

A2: Yes research assistance is available: Email, text, or chat your questions to Ask a Librarian service.
Contact your library subject Liaison.
See our FAQs list of questions and answers on how to use the library.
See a guide to doing research at the library.

Q3: What library services are available during the building closure?

A3: DKL is still able to provide research assistance virtually. Check back on this page for additional information and periodic updates.

Q4: How do I access materials remotely?

A4: If you log into the VPN you should be automatically validated and able to access DKL resources. For more information, see the Information Technology FAQs. If you have a library account you can also be validated in. If you don't know if you have an account or are having trouble with it, please contact circdesk@nps.edu

Q5. What do I do about returning library materials?

A5. All books have been renewed but if necessary they can be returned in the book drop or via the mail, including DKL materials and those received through Interlibrary Loan.

Q6. Will the Library still be offering workshops?

A6. This quarter, we will be experimenting with providing Library and Thesis Quick Start classes as well as Zotero workshops via Zoom. We can also provide virtual research instruction sessions for groups or individuals.

Please visit the Workshops page for dates, details, and for sign ups. Sessions will be recorded and available later.  [updated information]

Q7. Can we still borrow physical books?

A7. Currently no, but we will re-evaluate as the "shelter-in-place" order changes. We can scan a small number of chapters or sections upon request. Before requesting chapters from required text books and other course readings, please check with your instructor to see whether readings have already been posted. Please do not request scans as an alternative to purchasing required texts. Please use the "Request Article or Book" option to make your requests and be sure to identify what chapters or pages are needed. [updated information]

Q8. I am graduating now and need to out-process through the Library, how do I do that since the building is closed? 

A8. If you have materials to return, you can leave them in the book drop in front of the building. You can email circdesk@nps.edu for confirmation that we received them.

  • If you want us to check to make sure your library account is already clear, please email us at circdesk@nps.edu.
  • Congratulations! You are now welcome to sign up for our Alumni Access services. 

Q9. What additional resources does the library offer to help students, faculty, and researchers?

A9: In addition to our normal extensive collection of online resources already available to you, publishers are giving the library temporary expanded access to academic content, including:

  • expanded access in general
  • resources to support online instruction
  • resources about the pandemic

Take advantage of the resources listed on our COVID-19 guide. The content is supplemental to our Articles & Research Databases.

Resources COVID


Library FAQs

NPS COVID-19 page


The County of Monterey Health Department page has information on COVID-19 cases, the Shelter in Place order, and other official statements.

The State of California has released a new COVID-19 information page containing info on how to apply for unemployment, disability, and small business assistance, among other subjects.

The California Department of Health news releases page has information on State mandates and COVID-19 state statistics.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) summary has information on how to prepare, what to do if you get sick, and how to care for ill persons, along with statistical and other information.