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Library Policies

General Use Policies

Use of the library's resources, equipment, spaces, services and collections.

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Library Use Policies - Equipment & Spaces

Equipment & Spaces

Library Use Policies
Our equipment and resources are official U.S. Government property. Please handle computers, printers, and other equipment with care and respect. Please do not deface, damage or destroy our property. If you do, you may be asked to repair or replace items, and futher abuse may result in loss of library privileges.


  • USB/thumb/flash drives are not allowed.
  • NPS logon computers.
  • Lock your screen when walking away, and logoff when done.
  • Public computers.
    • Save often to your personal drive, and close all applications when done. Don't lock the screen or leave your personal belongings at a computer station to "reserve" the workstation for later.
    • Our computers are not for video games, recreational chat, downloading non-NPS mission critical audio or video files, or for any other use that prevents others from using the computers for research and Federal Depository purposes.
    • Observe the 30 minute time limit on our public computers. If you are using the computers for non-mission related purposes, you may be asked to surrender your workstation, even if you have not used the computer for a full 30 minutes.
  • Do not change the default settings on any equipment. Report any problems to the Information Desk.
  • We have computers dedicated to searching the library catalog. Please do not use these for other purposes.

Rooms & Study Spaces


  • Use the printers for NPS mission, academic, or Federal Depository research only.
  • Respect copyright laws.
  • Report any paper jams or other printer malfunctions to us. Do not attempt to fix them yourself.

Children in the library

We welcome children of all ages, but we request that parents and guardians keep the following in mind:

  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult. We are not responsible for the supervision of children of any age.

  • Children should not disturb the studying and research of others. We may request to modify behavior of disruptive children, and we reserve the right to ask disruptive children and their parents or guardians to leave the building.

  • If you are accompanying young children, ensure that they understand that computers, printers, furniture, and other library equipment and property are not toys. We do not want the misuse of these items to cause damage to our property or injure the child.

Food & drink

We are committed to providing you with an environment that meets your intellectual and physical needs. This means preserving and maintaining our collections and equipment, ensuring a clean environment for studying and working, and acknowledging that consuming a beverage and eating a light snack might make your library visit more pleasant and productive.

Food and beverage items permitted in the library are limited to:
  • Light snacks. Individually wrapped items such as those in the vending machines. (Not burgers, pizzas, salads, etc.)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages in covered/secure containers. Water & sports bottles, thermal-style mugs, coffee cups with lids, soda cans

Okay to eat/drink in these areas:

  • Lobby
  • Study rooms (2nd floor)
  • Group study (1st floor, across from Starbucks)
  • Study carrels
  • Media Room

But not in these areas:

  • Book and Journal shelves
  • Computer workstations
  • Printer room
  • Instruction or meeting rooms

Floor map

Help us keep your work and study spaces clean
  • Leave no trace - please clean up after yourself.
  • Report spills and other problems right away.

Cell phones

Be courteous to others in the library, and take your calls outside.
  • Set your cell phones to silent or vibrate when you're in the library
  • If you have to answer your phone in the library, stay in the following areas:
    • 1st floor lobby area
    • 1st floor large group study areas (across from Starbucks)
    • 2nd floor group study rooms
  • Try to keep your conversations short and keep your voice down

All quiet study areas are cell phone-free zones. Please don't use your cell phones in the following areas:

  • 1st & 2nd floor study carrel areas
  • 1st floor media/reading room
  • 1st floor vending machine area
We reserve the right to ask you to leave the building if you are using your cell phone in restricted areas or disturbing others in any area of the library.


We have a limited number of lockers for NPS students to store personal materials. You can reserve a locker for the time you are with us at NPS. We assign lockers on a first come, first served basis, one locker per person.

Storage Locker rules:

  • You must provide your own combination lock for the locker. Staff at the information desk will record the combination for future reference.
  • Please don't put in your locker library materials (books, theses, reference materials, journals, videos, items that have been recalled, etc.) that are not properly checked out. You may be asked to give up your locker if you violate this policy.
  • Please don't store food in your locker.
  • You are responsible for the locker and must clear it, remove the lock, and notify staff at the information desk when you vacate your locker.
  • We assume no liability for damage or loss of items stored in lockers.
Stop by the Information desk, or
Call us: (831) 656-2947
Email us:
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