The Richard W. Hamming Collection

The Richard W. Hamming Collection at Dudley Knox Library

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The Richard W. Hamming collection at Dudley Knox Library provides a unique view into the thinking and teaching style of computer pioneer Dr. Richard W. Hamming, who taught as an NPS computer science professor from 1976-1998. 

Richard Hamming (1915-1998) was one of the world’s most distinguished computer scientists, best known for his work in coding and information theory (Hamming code), digital filers (Hamming spectral window) and numerical methods. He was director of the Manhattan Project computing facility and later, at Bell Labs, introduced error-correcting codes and performed pioneering work in operating systems and programming languages.

The library's Richard W. Hamming collection includes his annotated papers from 1947-1997, scientific medals and awards such as the Piore Award, Turing Prize and IEEE Hamming Medal, lecture videos, diaries and photographs.

The Dudley Knox Library is pleased to announce that the Hamming collection is currently undergoing digitization and archival processing.  Digital content is available via the NPS Archive, Calhoun


From the archive...

Read Prof. Hamming's handwritten notes, "On Responsibility".
 View "Learning to Learn: Art of Science and Engineering", the course, including lectures on video.

Explore more digitized materials from this collection in the NPS Archive, Calhoun.


The Richard Hamming Legacy Project

Richard Hamming Legacy Project

The Richard Wesley Hamming Legacy Project: Richard Wesley Hamming: Man, Mathematician, and Mentor (56:29) (2019)

Speaker: Dr. Martin Mandelberg (NPS, 1982), with additional commentary by Prof. Don Brutzman. A presentation on the legacy of NPS Professor Richard Wesley Hamming through interpretation of Hamming’s archives. Includes the introduction of the online archive of Hamming materials which will feature digitally remastered videos of NPS classes taught by Hamming, and significant previously unavailable research findings, soon-to-be-available through the NPS Archive, Calhoun.

Richard Wesley Hamming: A Mentor at Work by Dr. Martin Mandelberg (45:45) (2018)

Speaker: Dr. Martin Mandelberg. In 2018, a group of Prof. Hamming's colleagues and present-day NPS students, faculty and staff gathered to share in a tribute to him by Dr. Mandelberg, founder of the Richard Hamming Legacy Project. Mandelberg, a 1982 NPS graduate and Hamming's only Ph.D advisee, is the author of a biography, Richard Wesley Hamming: Man, Mathematician, and Mentor.

See Dr. Mandelberg's Richard Wesley Hamming Legacy Project in progress.

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Hamming Archive News

Hamming Archive News

NEW! The original "Learning to Learn" course has been re-created from Professor Hamming's lectures, via digitally restored videos created in 1995.

You are invited to take part in Professor Richard W. Hamming's original course “Learning to Learn: Art of Doing Science and Engineering”, now available via NPS Sakai. Learn how to pursue novel research -- presented by example. Experience the distilled career insights of a preeminent thinker, spread across a complete range of topics in modern science. 

For more information, please send email to

NPS Video team, preparing to tape "Learning to Learn", May 9, 1995

Hamming Faculty Award

Hamming Faculty Award

The Richard W. Hamming Faculty Award honors NPS faculty members who demonstrate a commitment to Interdisciplinary scholarship and to exceptional teaching skills. A list of the honorees is available. 

Read more about the awards in NPS Archive: Calhoun.

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