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Special Exhibits

Come enjoy our special exhibits!


Native American Heritage Month

This observance commemorates the history, heritage, and culture of Native Americans and Alaskan Natives. NPS and Dudley Knox Library join the nation in recognizing Native American students at NPS and their accomplishments.

Disability Employment Awareness Month

Learn more about disability--what it means to be disabled, how many Americans are affected, how many disabled work. It's more complicated than you think!

September 15-October 15
Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month pays tribute to the generations of Americans whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America who have positively influenced and enriched our nation and society.

9/11 Remembrance

With this exhibit we honor all those affected by 9/11—first responders, military members, families, and loved ones.

July & August
Celebrating NPS Students

With this exhibit we honor and celebrate our amazing NPS students, who do a lot... really, a LOT of things... besides study. Come see what students have gotten up to in the past and do now in the present!

LGBT Pride

NPS has a long history of scholarship on the issues surrounding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) service members. Read an interview with Professor Emeritus Mark Eitelberg of the Graduate School of Defense Management (GSDM) to find out more.

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Florence Smith Finch had the heart of a lion. Find out how she helped save American Prisoners of War in the Philippines and earned a US Medal of Freedom.

Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month

What you can do in the moment to help prevent an assault?

Read our interview with Dr. Deborah Gibbons of GSBPP to find out and protect others!

Women's History Month

Meet some of the amazing women who've learned and served at NPS.

Black History Month

Learn about the Buffalo Soldiers, who served with valor and distinction long before the military was integrated.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Get inspired by the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.